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The Plant-Based Method: Video Content Strategies

There is a mistake we see a lot of plant-based restaurant owners are making: pitching their products on all their social media posts. And we get it because marketing is basically getting people interested in your product. Maybe you recognise this content pattern: “Hey see me! Look what I’m doing. You want to come over and visit?” And then you wonder why marketing isn’t working for you? 

We believe that, when it comes to pitching and selling on social media, you should follow the 80/20 rule. Around 20% of what you post should be what you’re offering. The other 80% is to show reality, who you are & what you stand for. We want people to get interested not just by telling stories. But by telling YOUR STORY. Every restaurant has a very unique story. But only a few are bold enough to tell it. So, the other 80% we call ‘The Plant-Based Method

What’s the ‘Plant-Based Method’?

Well, to simplify it we work around 6 elements: Earth, Seeds, Water, Sun, Love & Peace. 

Earth = Your platforms

Seeds = Lead magnets

Water = Stories

Sun = Advertising

Love = More stories

Peace = Success

To grow a plant we need all of these elements. The same with your business. In this article, we’re going to talk about water & love aka. STORIES! 

So, the ‘secret’ to creating amazing content (stories) is to treat the online and offline world the same. When a person comes into your restaurant, what do they experience? What do they taste? Running a successful restaurant is about creating an unforgettable experience for your guest. In the same way, creating amazing content is about delivering a unique experience to potential customers in the form of online content. 

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Keep it real
  • Share the behind the scene of your restaurant
  • Personality works best
  • Video content is the key

When following the ‘Plant-Based Method’ to creating content, you always have to start with your brand in mind. Start by defending what your brand is about in one idea. 

How would you describe your brand in one sentence? What is the message you want to communicate? What do you believe in? What we’re actually saying is, what is the story of your restaurant? What’s the why? Ex: A sustainable plant-based restaurant. 

The big brand idea that you have chosen is going to serve as a redline throughout your content. Before we break down the main content pillars of your restaurant, you should know that content gets liked and shared if it’s: 

  • Educational
  • Inspirational/Motivational
  • Entertaining. 

So when creating content, always try to play around one or more of these elements. 

You want to tell the full story of your restaurant with the Plant-Based method / Water & Love. What makes The Plant-Based method so special is that it allows you to go out of your comfort zone and, most importantly, makes you tell your real story behind your business and not only beautiful pictures of your food. To create content in video format can be difficult in the beginning both for you and your team but once it’s done a couple of times, you will definitely see the theatre monkeys of your business. Let them shine! So, what we are doing is creating short videos that will connect with your community by sharing different sides of your business. In specific: 

  • The owner
  • The team 
  • Food & drinks
  • Location 
  • Guests

Below I’m giving you a short description of each subject. This can be worked out into many different video ideas, I’m just trying to give you an idea of how it can be done. 

The Owner:

Share Your Brand Story: Talk about your one big idea that represents your brand by sharing an experience you had. If you have an experience that is close to your heart. Share that! Be you!

Video Tour: Take your views on a tour through your restaurant, act as one of your customers wants to have a quick tour of the restaurant. (Don’t forget to introduce yourself)!! You can introduce them to your employees, show the kitchen, show a dish or two. Make them feel that they were there. 

The Team:

Random Moments: Use your creativity to share random moments with your staff. Maybe a funny moment what you feel like are worth sharing?

Introduce The Staff: Ask your staff 3 quick questions to introduce themselves to your community. Come up with questions that you think fit to your audience. What do people like to know? Ex: Who are they? What is their position & why do they love to work here? 

Food & Drinks:

Showcasing Your Products & Explain: With video, you can easily showcase your food & drinks. You might explain the story of your dishes or just film the food and explain what it is. Get close-ups so the audience can see the food properly and give them a good idea of what your food is. Show them how good your food is! 


Curb-side Pickup: Show people how your pickup service looks like. When a customer comes to pick up their order, film your staff bringing the food out to the car. Make sure that your customers are alright being on the camera.

*Side note. These guys are doing it in a very funny way that fits their audience. They get family with kinds and their concept is ‘Cakes’: https://www.facebook.com/tresbellecakes/videos/2817861854978164


Testimonial: People love to see other people’s opinions. Testimonials are amazing to create trust. You can do it in so many different ways. You could ask them a couple of questions about your service and food. Film you and them together and ask them questions. 


If you’re not making use of your Facebook presence, you’re missing out on a huge resource. Since most people spend so much time on Facebook just scrolling through their news feed, it just makes good business sense to create video ads. 

With ‘The Plant-Based Method’ you can create high-performing video ads. Use them to tell your real story, connect with your audience, promote your food & drinks, and have fun with your brand’s personality. 

By combining these tactics in different ways you can build a strategy that’s right for your audience and their unique ways! 

So… What are you waiting for? Start your first great video ad campaign NOW! And if you want to make your advertising (on Instagram or Facebook) easier, let’s chat! We can both do if for you or guide you through the process.