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Segundo Muelle

April 19, 2018

The importance of building out a database.

We love to gather data for our clients. If you’d love to get a database over your clients, read below…

When we met Manolo, the owner of one of the franchise restaurants – Segundo Muelle, we got to know quick that this man had knowledge in the importance of building out a database. What he did was incredible: he asked every client for their email address and when he closed the restaurant for the night he went home and wrote each and every one of them an email. He understood that a database is important but didn’t have the right tools to properly manage it and then we took away a big stone of his shoulders. If you want to know how, keep reading!

Our Restaurant VIP-program

Ever heard about a VIP-program in Facebook Messenger?

The biggest platform we’re using as an Online Marketing Agency is Facebook, and this time it was no exception! Facebook is making it possible for us to gather so much data it’s insane ( don’t worry we’re all covered by the GDPR and can’t collect data if people don’t want to give it). The way we were collecting data for Segundo Muelle was the following: we were introducing a VIP-group for his restaurant and advertised a “Buy One, Get One-free dish”-offer in his area and by letting them opting in to get their offer we asked their email in return.

This is an outstanding way to promote your restaurant online!



Once they’d opted in and have given their email we have them in our VIP-list. This list makes it possible to send out broadcast messages like events, monthly offers, discounts other information to make sure they’ll be up to date and to bring them to the restaurant in a regular basis. But here is the BIG DEAL, this is all trackable(!) Sounds interesting… Continue to read.

How To Track Your Clients!

Let’s talk about how it’s possible to track your investment and to see your VIP-list growing.

We got them in our VIP-list, we have their data (which is covered by GDPR) and it’s now possible to communicate with them through Facebook Messenger. But how to know how many people we have in the database? How to actually know how much return on investment it brought? Now we have a list that it’s growing by every day as someone in opting in and our Restaurant VIP-program is connected to a Tool that is statistically showing how much the list is growing and it also collects their data. The returning of investment is another amazing system we have so that you can feel secure with your collaboration with us. MUST READ: when someone redeems their voucher there’s a sequence that tells them to write their bill (after the discount/offer) and we can actually see how much they spend.

Tipsy Hammock bar – the name inspires through the beachy vibes and extraordinary cocktails, but Tipsy Hammock Bar is so much for than that. They have a lovely crew that gives you a warm feeling, the create events to make a rocking atmosphere, having a smooth saxophonist to top it off even more. The atmosphere becomes even better with their location – straight in front of the beach unlike any other in their area.

When Tipsy Hammock Bar came to us, they were looking to raise awareness of their location, to break into the market of bars in the touristic area of Gran Canaria. Their goal was to reach the audience that was likely to convert into their bar for extraordinary cocktails. Social Happiness identified four core audiences that met their objective: 25-34 in age, tourists for the U.K, people who love to party and existing Tipsy Hammock Bar customers.

Knowing that the company wanted to accomplish awareness we developed a strategy to target customers who liked parties & drinks. Through the use of Facebook and Instagram, we could target consumers more aware of all the company had to offer.

The results: 709 people gave recommendations on the Facebook page, 15,6k followers on Instagram, top 3 on Google for a search of BARS and a huge awareness both in the local area and the happy tourists that likely will come back to the place and will be glad to tell their friends back home.