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Online Marketing That Makes You Happy

Getting New Customers Into Healthy, Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

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nobody should be without marketing.

how can how we help you? 

Online marketing is important. Everyone is out there – you, me, your family, friends and your potential customers. Without marketing, you can’t tell your story, show your tasty food or get your message out there. Do what you do best: create the perfect menu, give the venue a style, hire the right employees, and let us explain you the way to market your restaurant online.

Like us, you now understand that online marketing is the way to take your business to the next level. With the right strategy, we can reach your audience and market them with advertisements they likely engage with. In this way, we convert them into your own VIP-group and build a strong database. It’s now possible to email and messenger market them, tell them stories, give them updates about events or send a voucher for their next visit.

We want you to feel safe when you invest in us, so we found a way to let go of uncertainty for you as a business owner. If you invest you should have the possibility to know how much it makes you back! Everything is trackable because gather all the data into a Google Sheet so that you have access to your own dashboard with all information.

Your VIP-list is filled with your customers and they experienced your restaurant. With the list, we can now contact them and ask about their visit, if the liked it we let them write a review. If they didn’t have a great experience, we can communicate with them to find a solution to their problem. So, we can filter out the bad review and solve them within and let the good reviews pass and make sure that the rest of the world sees the beauty of your restaurant.

They are in our database and we can contact them at any moment we want. Our aim is not to get them in once but to turn them into loyal visitors that are telling about your business. (Word of mouth = the best marketing).
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choose a great marketing agency is to make sure they have delivered results for companies similar to yours. have a look at our case studies

Every client has different needs, and it’s our job to find a strategy that will work.

Advertised event creation with a result of 367 responses and 14,2k people reached. An offer for collecting e-mails with 30k reached and 2,218 engagements. 15,6k followers on Instagram. You will find our case studies down below.

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We have selected the best tools in Online Marketing and worked hard to finally say that – these are our superpowers!


Imagine us trying to cook the food at your restaurant… We’ll never be as good. You made a plan, a strategy. We’ve done that in the marketing world. With our knowledge and your story, we’re setting the goals towards a strategy that’s a perfect fit for your restaurant and audience.

Facebook/instagram Advertising

This is our favourite tool. With the Strategy we’ve created, we build awareness campaigns and drive sales. By telling your restaurants story with photos, videos and texts you’ll reach everyone in your local area. Everyone has a smart phone.

Tracking System

When you advertise you want to know if it’s worth your investment and it’s our mission to make you money. We’ve developed a system that allows us to build a database and track the exact amount of revenue made from the advertisements.

Facebook Messenger marketing

The platform of personal connections, of deep relationships. When you text with a friend or family, your interacting, your building a relationship. This is exactly what this platform does at scale. You can gather 1000´s of people in a database and send them a personal, private message from your brand with a Video Greeting, b-day wishes or voucher.  You’ve got the chance to build relationships with everyone in your local area with 1 click on a button.

E-mail Marketing

 When they sign up for receiving updates about your business, they open their email and read what you have to say to them. This is another way to build relationships. Can you agree with me on the following sentence? If I had 10.000 emails of locals that liked my restaurant and I organise an event, I send out an email to all of them and it will increase the chance of visitors at my event.

Instagram Marketing

Having local followers is like having your own futuristic newspaper, you can broadcast brand messages, Food porn photos, Fun videos and much more. You can be literally in everyone’s pocket. Followers are REAL people with REAL phones and REAL money… Could you agree with me on another sentence? If I would show my food and fun videos to 10.000 followers on a daily basis, the chance that those people want to visit me increases… TOP OF MIND!

Kevin Van de Luitgaarden
Rebecka Ratell
Jeff Mustaman
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Real Testimonials

Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what they think about us?

“We are finally successfully launching our Messenger Marketing services after being mentored by Social Happiness! If you care about results, then you want to team up with Social Happiness. Even though we feel our results are great, the most wonderful part is Social Happiness is an all-around good company who can be trusted to over-deliver and care for those they work with.

Teaming with Social Happiness is one of the best decisions you can make for your well-being and your business.”

Lori Swift
Lori Swift

“It is a company committed to its customers. Always willing to excel and to make customers exceed their expectations. Very happy with your work!”

Bruna Martín Pérez

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