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Revolutionizing Restaurant Marketing

It’s not just about Facebook Ads, it’s about building an authentic and real connection with your customers.

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Marketing for


Most restaurants don’t fail because of their food

Starting a restaurant is hard work. From developing your recipes, next one, next one. And then there’s your marketing strategy and profit margins.

Many restaurants don’t survive because they underestimate their marketing and “hope” for word of mouth or people to accidentally walk into your place.

They fall victim to only caring about the meals and menu—the owners’ lack of business savvy and discipline ends up biting them, hard. When it comes down to it, the most mouth-watering, deliciously crafted vegan burger will never be able to save a poorly executed marketing strategy.

Spreading your food and message is important to us. You know that you can’t afford to cut corners on your marketing. You know that using social media to engage your fans isn’t optional. Creating list building. Engage with them. Build a through authentic relationship.

Want to change the world? We want to help you with the marketing stuff. So you can do what you do best. Fill those bellies with nutritiously, delicious food, wow that’s a mouth full.

The secret ingredients


The difference between what most restaurants post and what we encourage you to post will make a day and night difference.


When you know exactly how much revenue you make from your ads, marketing becomes easy peasy.


We want to automate your campaigns, so you can work on your restaurant, not studying marketing for the next 4 years.

How can you know you’re marketing
your restaurant incorrectly?

  • You have no idea what to post
  • Spending to much on Facebook Ads
  • No engagement just a few likes
  • People aren’t walking into your place
  • Struggling to get new customers
  • Social media doesn’t seem to work

Bring Your Restaurant Marketing To a Whole New Level

We’ll take care of the marketing, so you can do what you do best. Fill those bellies with nutritiously, delicious food, wow that’s a mouth full.

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My Step-by-Step Marketing Campaigns Has Helped
Restaurants To Get Thousands of New Customers


Anyone can learn it and it works for every restaurant


4 Core Modules,
Everything I use as a professional marketer

These powerful campaigns and strategies can be learned at your own pace. Each module will help you to build a stronger relationship with your customers.  


Learn Anywhere from any Device

Take the course on your tablet, mobile phone or any of your devices. You just need an internet connection and you can take it anywhere you go.


Connect With Like Minded People

You will get access to our Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share ideas and inspire each other to take your campaigns to the next level.


What People Are Saying
About The Course

I LOVE the Beta course. It is amazing. I jumped in right at the beginning and am thrilled wih the training. Matthew Cristian, you are right. We can both see how this information can deliver immediate results. Kevin Van de Luitgaarden really overdelivered !!!

Lori Swift
Lori Swift

For me the course is very valuable. Because it is actionable, clear and well structured. What I personally like a lot is that Kevin uses key storytelling principles throughout the course, which in my opinion are going to set you/me apart from the hundreds of others.

Emile Ruig
Emile Ruig

What’s my Investment?

How much is not having a plan for your social media costing you? How many potential customers don’t know about how awesome your place is? How many of your events are half empty because people don’t know why they should come?

Does a potential customers have a relationship before they even visited your place? The lack of a clear social media campaign may be already costing you a great deal.

What’s inside the Course?

40+ packed instructional videos

Downloadable Worksheets with guidance

Downloadable Messenger Bots

Exclusive group of like-minded people

The Social Media Restaurant Course